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Why do you need Overseas Travel Medical

Today, more and more people are traveling outside of their home country, either for business, recreation or personal reasons. Frequently, domestic health insurance does not provide coverage for overseas medical emergencies, and international travelers are unable to obtain this type of protection after they are outside of their home country.


Furthermore, most traditional health insurance does not provide coverage for expenses for an emergency medical evacuation, medical reunion, return of mortal remains, trip interruption or loss of checked luggage.


Who is Eligible for Coverage?

Eligible Persons: A person who has applied for benefits, is named on the application and for whom HPA has received the appropriate plan cost, is considered eligible for benefits under this Plan.


Eligible Dependents: Are considered a spouse who is legally married to you; or your unmarried Child from 30 days old until his/her 19th birthday.


When does the coverage start?

Effective Date of the Term of Protection begins on the latest of the following:


  1. The Date Lifestore Insurance receives a completed Application and the appropriate Plan Cost for the Period of Protection; or

  2. The Effective Date requested on the Application; or

  3. The moment You arrive in the country noted on the Application; or

  4. The Date Lifestore approves the Application.


What are the Benefits of this plan?

Medical Benefits: Benefits will be paid for Reasonable and Customary Covered Expenses incurred by You due to an accidental Injury or Illness up to the earlier of the maximum amount You chose after the Deductible and Coinsurance is satisfied, or the Expiration Date of Your Term of Protection. All bodily disorders, or bodily injuries sustained in any one Accident, existing simultaneously which are due to the same or related causes shall be considered one Disablement.


If a Disablement is due to causes which are the same or related to the cause of a prior Disablement (including complications arising there from), the Disablement shall be considered a continuation of the prior Disablement and not a separate Disablement.


The initial treatment of the Illness or Injury must occur within 30 days of the Accident or onset of the Illness.


What are some Features of the Plan?
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: $100,000

  • Return of Mortal Remains: $20,000

  • Emergency Medical Reunion: $10,000

  • Return of Minor Children: $5,000

  • Interruption of Trip: $5,000

  • Unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition: $5,000 (for US Citizens only)

  • Loss of Checked Luggage: $250

  • Emergency Dental for accidents: $500

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $25,000 for Eligible Person; and $5,000 for each Eligible Dependent(s)

  • Home country coverage:

  • Incidental visits to $50,000

  • 30-day extension of benefits to $5,000



The minimum Term of Protection is 5 days; the maximum is 12 months.Benefits can be purchased in a combination of monthly or daily with a minimum of 5 days by paying the appropriate Plan Cost

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