From Our Clients

At LifeStore Insurance, we’re grateful for our clients and the wonderful things they have shared on our behalf. Here are a few comments we’d like to share:

“Thank you for helping me get a great price and for having great customer service.”
– Iven G.

“They give you the personal touch and go the extra mile.”
– James J.

“If they care about me and my family, then the service is naturally outstanding!”
– Luann B.

“Service and price is very important to me.”
– Frank G.

“I like that your staff cares about me as a person.”
– Rolando M.

“I need an agent who takes care of what they’re supposed to take care of, so I can take care of what I need to take care of. I need a team member I can count on.”
– Michelle S.

“Jennifer makes us glad that we are associated with your company. Thanks so very much!”
– Francis S.

“appreciate loyalty…been with agency long before the name LifeStore…”
– Thomas L.

“Have been member for over 10 + years…very satisfied..Have had claims…very good service…like the local touch and local people.”
– William F.

“It’s nice to feel like you are being treated fairly and your agent is looking after your best interest.”
– Glenn L.

“I trust my agent to protect my interests…”
– Leslie H.

“Great job thanks for always taking my calls and answering my questions in a timely manner.”
– Davis W.

“Personalized service.”
– Pamela F.

“Insurance can be difficult to understand and it is also expensive, so having an agent to help you is very nice.”
– Donya G.

“Want good value for the money. Office has been helpful and willing to assist with my concerns and needs.”
– Jerry W.

“It’s just good to know that I can call and discuss any issues I may have.”
– Ken B.

“Good service and price is always nice.”
– Michael L.

“You can always count on them to take care of us.”
– Jerry C.

“Personal service is very important to us, and feel like our agent cares for us and goes the extra mile for us. Our agent is always willing to get us more quotes for our insurance needs.”
– Michael L.

“They’re courteous.”
– Patrick G.

“I live in another area and any problems I have are taken care of in a very professional manner.”
– Philip M.

“I am not a little fish in the big pond. I can talk to a person.”
– Darrell K.

“To me it is important to have a local agent that cares.”
– Roy L.

“Love LifeStore insurance! Great rates and great people to talk with!”
– Matthew R.

“Customer Service is the key.”
– Joel W.

“I know that for the price, I’m getting my money’s worth in complete coverage that I hope I never have to use.”
– David T.

“Mary Ellen is always efficient, courteous, and looks after our best interests with our insurance needs. When we had a claim she was always available to answer questions and help us with our concerns.”
– Brenda W.

“Prompt response and knowledgeable staff.”
– Lindsay P.

“Mary Ellen is always quick with answers, very knowledgeable, and helpful.”
– Susan W.

“I feel my time is valuable and when I’ve had a question, it has been answered promptly and professionally.”
– Brenda B.

“I feel like they care about me.”
– Jeffrey N.

“Cultivating personal relationships means LifeStore is looking at the long term investment not just the short term bottom dollar.”
– Lora C.

“It is nice to know you have someone who looks out for your best interests.”
– Daisy P.

“I appreciate the fact your agency looks out for your customers and makes it easy to work with you and your associates.”
– John C.

“Dina has been really great working with us! When you need insurance help, you need someone who knows what they are doing.”
– Daniel C.

“Always available and responds quickly.”
– John L.

“Actually, we like price/service/care/courtesy, and get them all from LifeStore! Most of all, we feel our agent bats for us if we have an issue.”
– Raymond P.

"Service and price is very important to me." Frank G. 6/29/16