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Subcontractors come in all sizes, shapes, and forms. As a subcontractor, you might be a North Carolina plumber, electrician, well driller, landscaper, heating and cooling professional, or any of a dozen other professions catering to the construction industry.


It only makes sense then, that you have an insurance program that fits who you are at a price you can afford.

LifeStore Insurance has been insuring a wide variety of North Carolina subcontractors for many, many years. You might even say it’s our specialty.


Our caring agents are well qualified to put together as simple or as comprehensive a package as you need, including such products as North Carolina builders risk insurance, North Carolina general liability insurance, North Carolina workers comp insurance, North Carolina auto insurance, heavy equipment insurance, hand tools insurance, or even NC Life and health insurance.


We will listen and then suggest what we feel will meet your goals. Then you decide. Its just that simple.


So phone us at 1-800-488-4999 for your free NC subcontractors insurance quote.


You have grown a business. In these challenging economic times, permit us to protect it.

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