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Insurance coverage for dining establishments is as diversified as the restaurant landscape. There should NEVER be a “one size fits all” approach to your Restaurant Insurance protection.


Because LifeStore is an independent agency, we allow you to customize your coverage in the same way you customize your business.


From fast food to fine dining, LifeStore is an expert in NC restaurant insurance and is here to listen and assist in finding the right restaurant insurance for YOUR particular establishment. Our professional agents will use their expertise and training to direct you toward the appropriate program which best suits your specific needs and budget.


This industry-specific service acknowledges the subtleties of an ever-expanding market. We can help you tailor a custom policy which addresses all aspects of the restaurant business, from the preparation and serving of food to the protection of customers and employees.


Our North Carolina restaurant insurance coverage may include the following:


NC general liability, business income insurance (could your restaurant survive if you HAD to close for 6 months?) liquor liability insurance, property insurance, auto insurance and workers’ compensation.


Optional coverage is available to protect against equipment breakdown and protect business income. Food contamination insurance is also available for your consideration.


Phone us at 1-800-488-4999 for your free restaurant insurance quote.


Your restaurant is a reflection of your business style. Permit us to design a comprehensive restaurant insurance policy which best protects your business model, your employees, and your patrons.

Professional Chefs
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