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Your farm is an important asset which deserves the best insurance protection available. As an independent agency, LifeStore Insurance will work with you in creating a policy which best suits your needs.


North Carolina farm insurance standard features of our coverage include protection for buildings and structures such as barns, silos confinement pens, chutes and corral fencing.


Our farm liability covers expenses stemming from bodily injury or property damage.


Our personal farm property policy protects your all-important investment in farm equipment and machinery. It also protects the products and crops that you produce. So whether you raise livestock or grow field crops, LifeStore can provide the insurance protection you need.


We can also help you in finding a policy for your hobby (small) farm or a niche agribusiness. We specialize in vineyard/winery and christmas tree farm insurance.


Our agents will partner with you to assure adequate and appropriate coverage for your home and its contents. We offer special farm rates for your personal vehicles and vehicles used in your farming operations.


There are many additional farm coverages that you might want to consider including animal collision coverage, animals rides/stunts and contest coverage or increased liability and medical coverage amounts. Round out your complete coverage with workers’ comp, so that you KNOW that your employees are properly protected.


As a leader in farm protection, LifeStore Insurance is prepared to work with you on a policy tailor-made for you. Call or click today for your free insurance quote.

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